406, 2023


June 4, 2023|True-to-Life|Comments Off on Fetch

  “Nice one, Curt!” Curtis grinned broadly, holding up a three-pound lake trout. The 14-year-old redhead possessed a sixth sense for catching fish. I swore ...

2701, 2023

Four-Letter Words

January 27, 2023|Fiction|Comments Off on Four-Letter Words

It was a perfect day to fly, with a brilliant sky and favorable winds. The Cessna 150 flew like a magic carpet. I locked onto ...

2009, 2019


September 20, 2019|Fiction|0 Comments

A miasma of urine, feces, and death wafted around us. “Mr. Hawkins, are you in there?” Ringing the doorbell again, I yelled louder. “Mr. Hawkins! ...

1609, 2018

Seeing Red

September 16, 2018|Humor|0 Comments

The airlines canceled dozens of flights that day due to Hurricane Irma. The tiny airport on St. Bart’s teemed with stranded travelers, their frustrations mounting ...

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